Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Cards

Well, last night I addressed the Christmas cards on my list, signed them all and this morning I composed and printed my annual newsletter to stuff in most of them.  Whew, that's another item crossed off my to-do list.  Now, as I look at my edited yet-to-be-done list, things don't seem too far out of hand. Or maybe my brain isn't seeing the true picture.  Well, don't correct me, I need this moment of satisfaction to maintain my sanity...if only for this moment. 

My life will be enjoyed in segments and I intend to look at this stack of envelopes and smile...

4pm:  I've saved lots of my photos to a memory card for our son.  He's giving his grandma a digital frame and wanted the memory card already loaded with some pictures so she can use it right away.  Sounds like instant gratification to me!  So, I've spent some time going through thousands of this year's pictures and picked some I think she'll enjoy seeing over and over again.  I've watched the slideshow twice just to make sure everything was in order.  I did delete two pictures that seemed too much alike and changed the orientation of one picture to be viewed realistically (although I have kept my original slanted for emphasis).  I tried to include many of her and also the family so she should enjoy the show!

It began raining a little while ago while I was copying pictures to the memory card.  It's a chilly wet day outside, but I'm inside and staying warm.  Mr. Sandman skipped out early on me last night and I think he's sprinkling sand on my eyelids now.  The bed is waiting - do I dare attempt to take a nap? 

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