Sunday, December 18, 2011


What's Purple all over?  Well, it's the colors for mom's 90th birthday bash.  Bash?  Naaaah, it's not a bash, it's to be a proper reception.  She seems to be getting a little more excited about it now.  Just talked to Linda and we're still clicking off items on the to-do list.  She's coming down with a cold so isn't quite sure she can make it.  Hope so - but if not, I have Plan B waiting in the wings.  It's always a good idea to have a backup plan - maybe even two.  I just peeked at the weather report both for her end of the trip and also for the venue and looks like it will be ok: cold but clear.  Don't want the little geezer folks slipping on any icy patches - nor me, for that matter. 

Linda found a list of advice written by a 90-year-old woman from Ohio that seems appropriate. So, while she was on the phone, I Googled, located, edited, and printed a copy.  I'm planning to make sufficient copies to include one in each guest bag.  One day next week Sweetz and I will head out to buy the remainder of goodies for the guest bags - thinking of little bags of peanuts - not sure what else.  ??? microwave popcorn bags.  And definitely something sweet.  Do I dare trust myself to make cookies and decorate them?  Ahhh, ideas are flitting through my brain. 

Tomorrow is Sweetz' birthday - gotta get through that day first.  Next is Christmas...THEN all hands on deck for the final Purple
details.  Too bad we didn't have daughters - they are usually so nice to help with things like this.  But God didn't favor us with daughters - but I plan to ask Him about that one day...

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