Saturday, December 3, 2011

Moravian Candle Tea

This morning Mom and I went to a Moravian Candle Tea to  maintain the Christmas spirit.  Several members graciously told the history of the Moravians, the meaning of the various religious items, their beliefs, history, dress, etc. and sang some of the Christmas carols accompanied by a man on a guitar.  Several of the ladies wore traditional clothing to assist us to mentally return to this time period. 

After the informative program, we headed to the Fellowship Hall where the traditional sugar cake, cookie, and coffee were served.  Chicken pot pies were sold using the recipe passed down through the generations.  I bought one and it's hanging out in my freezer to enjoy another night.  I also bought a tray of Moravian sugar cake and package of ginger cookies which were made at the Winkler Bakery which is located in the Old Salem area of Winston-Salem.  The sale included baked and canned goods to handmade items - ranging from wreaths to ornaments to scarves - all at reasonable prices.  Along the back was a row of tables where members of the church trimmed beeswax candles and demonstrated the construction of traditional Moravian stars. 

After an adjustment in our schedule, we headed to an open house at the arts market where we saw local artists displaying some of their pottery, paintings, weavings, ink drawings, and photography.
There were a few items I admired - but according to the BIG prices on the little tags, I decided to find my stash of oil paints and slap some on a canvas. 

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