Thursday, October 20, 2011

Radio Surgery

The radio in our bedroom decided to quit last night.  Well, it didn't really quit, it just lost it's ability to quit.  Literally.  We had a sudden windstorm and the electricity popped off a few seconds and afterward I went around to reset all the digital clocks.  Note to self:  Why do we need so many clocks??? 

Ok, back to the RadioDown situation.  Well, the button where you set the time decided to not flip to that area, it wound around and around but it wouldn't stop at the time reset option.  In fact, the dial wouldn't connect with OFF either.  So the radio would play but it would NOT allow me to turn it off since the dial would NOT stop at the OFF setting.  I finally had to unplug it. 

This afternoon I decided I'd take the back of the radio off and see about fixing such a simple situation.  Right.  The radio back unscrewed easily and the dial buttons came off easily, and the innards slipped out easily.  (Lots of dust in there!)  Well, the area where the settings are located were totally sealed in a little plastic box with no access point.  It was doomed to remain a mystery.  After a few pokes and prods and some inspection, I could see nothing I would be allowed to fix.  So much for my attempt at fixing that hunk of plastic - and it landed in the trash.  Guess I should check to see where to recycle old radios before trash day.

Now, tomorrow I am off to WallyWorld to see if I can find another one.  Seeing how much I dislike WM, I just might stop at CVS or Dollar General to find a cheapie clock radio.  Why go to the big box store when all I want is a dollar friendly clock radio!

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