Monday, October 17, 2011

Finished, Except for the Yawns

The Mister is doing better today - we decided to start him on Zicam and that seems to be working much better than the Day/NyQuil.  His cough and head congestion are so much improved.  That is good news because we still share a house and a life.  Plus it's written in stone that I don't want to get his nasty germs.  Hopefully, this is a sign that each day will get better.  That's certainly something to hook my hopes on and to call this stuff...finished.

Today I was invited to share a birthday lunch with some friends I used to work with.  But first I needed to fill my car's tank which was nearly to the point of chugging on fumes and which cost me $50 to push the needle to F.  North Carolina has some hefty gas taxes stuffed on top of the cost of the gas, so it wasn't a pretty sight to see the final cost ring up on the screen.  Wish we lived closer to Virginia where their gas prices are reported to be about 21 cents less/gal.  That adds up to a nice savings on a fill-up.  Oh well, at least I don't drive much these days so I'm saving just by having the car sit in the garage. 

The lunch bunch table was lively and it was good to get together with some real nice ladies.  After lunch I was invited to hitch a ride to Hamricks in Greensboro so that one of them could exchange some sweatshirts.  It was nice to enjoy the afternoon and some fun conversation. The Monday traffic was light and the store wasn't busy at all.  I didn't buy anything mostly because I really don't need anything.  Retirement means mostly khaki and denim hangs in my closets anyway.  I did notice everything I looked at was made overseas with poor workmanship and fabric quality.  I'll just keep wearing what I have for now since I don't need anything at this point. Won't be long before I need to work on my Christmas list but it's getting shorter also.  Maybe I'll just buy some gift cards and call in...finished. 

I took my camera but didn't take any pictures today - although the views from the car were beautiful with leaves turning gorgeous colors around here.  We did see some law enforcement officers at several intersections getting ready to block off traffic for the man who lives in the White House who's staying in our area tonight. None of us was interested in seeing him, so we continued on our merry way. 

Tomorrow I'm off to see the dentist for a crown for my princess
mouth.  Which obviously will come with a royal price.  I'll be glad to walk out...finished.  I didn't sleep worth a flip last night so hopefully, before long, I can this day...finished. 

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