Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mountain College Town

We traveled into Berea, KY today.  Pretty college town, quite clean and interesting.  Lots of shops with plenty of handcrafted things.  I understand the college has free tuition but the students have to meet rigid specifications in order to quality.  For example, they have to come from Appalachian regions, be from the top of their schools academically, have top SAT scores, and be from a low-income family.  They have to work 10-20 hrs a week around the college and their crafts are sold in various shops around town.  I found their wares to be top in quality but also top in price. 

Seeing I have no need of "things", it wasn't all that difficult to just browse and enjoy without buying more cluttering stuff.  Oh, there were beautiful things like handcrafted furniture, pottery, silver jewelry, in addition to hand woven and unique fabric items.  Ever so pretty.  Every one's home NEEDS these things!!  But I still didn't see anything I wanted.  MainMan was really shocked when I walked out of each shop with no bags. He rewarded me with a large cone of homemade peach ice cream.  And was it ever yummy!! 

We had lunch in a unique cafe, the Black Feather, which advertised that they use local fresh produce as much as possible.  Unusual with quirky youth around - but the food was delicious.  We had pinnini with chips, marinated yellow squash, and fresh peach iced tea.  We ate on a outside patio area on little round bistro tables.  Certainly was better than a burger at the Golden Arches. 

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