Monday, October 3, 2011

West Virginnie Mountains

We left this morning about 8'ish and headed toward Ohio.  Made it to the West Virginia welcome sign at noon.  I77 is a nice highway which offers pretty views all around.  The fall foliage color is ahead of ours but not by much.  MainGuy didn't stop for any views or pictures so I made do with snapping pictures out the front windshield. The mountain views are panaramic so photos just show what's in front.  That's ok, I did take some shots from side to side too.  

Tomorrow should be more a more relaxed day - but we were amazed at how short the drive seemed.   The ride around town and sitting at traffic lights waiting for rush-hour traffic after we checked in our room seemed to take about as long as the trip here. Guess that shows how we've become spoiled with speeds over 65mph. We enjoyed a delicious meal at Crackle Barrel where a nice waitress named Lisa took care of us. 

We plan to spend tomorrow at the Creation Museum.  After sitting quite awhile in the car today, walking around will seem a nice change.  Plus I should be able to get some pictures in focus!

The gold-domed building is the capital of West Virginia in Charleston.  We did get sprinkles a couple of times today and the temps dropped to 53* for about an hour as we passed along the highest mountain elevation, but it's in a more comfortable range now.  The remainder of the week is predicted to have highs in the 70's so that sounds like terrific travel weather to me!    

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