Friday, October 21, 2011

A Beautiful October Day

God blessed us with a beautiful fall day.  I would vote to have a lot more of these.  Let's say, I'd happily exchange some of the cold wintry days that will come plowing through especially after Christmas with days like we are experiencing now.  Not that we humans have any weight in getting the weather we like, but at least I can dream. 

I snipped some rosemary sprigs today and have them drying indoors.  I have plenty for my own use at this point, but now plan to share this batch with my mom who loves to add herbs to her dishes.  Fresh is best, but winters around here don't allow most of my herbs to thrive, but many do stay alive so I can usually harvest a few snippets to use occasionally throughout the winter.  But it's also nice to have some dried so I don't have to get my feet cold heading outside when I really would prefer to remain inside where it's warm. Umm, now that I think about it, I've seen soap for sale in specialty shops with rosemary snippets. Now, that might be something I could try to make. Obviously, I have lots of rosemary and need to figure out things to do with it. Did I say "easy" things to do with it? Yeah, easy is good.
The first herb to succumb will be the basil at the first frost.  Hate that, but it will happen.  I have four plants and am considering potting one of the smaller ones to see if I can keep it alive this winter.  There's absolutely nothing that compares to fresh basil. It doesn't dry well, but I do have some frozen. 

This is a Carolina wren's nest with three little broken eggs.  Guess those little guys made it.  The nest is really tight and secure and is constructed with all sorts of yard findings from leaves, sticks, and moss to cat hair and sweet gum balls.  That's my finger in the right lower corner trying to hold a stick that wanted to dominate the picture. 

It's about time for supper - am leaning toward something easy - maybe soup and a sandwich.  Easy is good.    

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