Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Two Choices

I had a decent night, if I discount a bit of tossing and turning to find a comfy position.  To my thinking, it might be time to invest in another mattress cover, this one is wrinkly and I feel like the princess trying to get comfy on a pea.   Well, without the princess part.  A wrinkle can sure create some havoc with sleeping positions. 

Yesterday I was out and about running some errands and spending some time with a friend.  Before I met my friend, I decided to shop for a couple of fall jackets.  I got a couple of lightweight long-sleeved jackets that I can wear either uptown or downtown!  One is beige and can be worn to church or when I want to look a bit snazzier. 

The other one is a denim jacket with some embroidery on the front.  Neat!  Now I'm ready to face the world.  What would be better than sitting in the dentist's chair today with my eye-popping jean jacket to dazzle the dental hygienist!  Only thing better would have been if I had made it myself.  Actually my plan was to look for plain jackets to restyle myself.  Nope, didn't happen.  This one was jumping up and down yelling my name.  It was a GREAT deal, so walked around the store with it draped over my arm hoping to find another great deal.  Which I did on another aisle - right there waiting for me.  A beige one - plain Jane but perfect fit.  Now, this one I could embellish if I felt the urge.  But am thinking I'll forego that step and just enjoy its plainness.  Sometimes in life being plain beige is the perfect answer...but then again, even Noah (as seen at the Creation Museum) sometimes jazzed up his outfit with some dazzling color.

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