Friday, October 14, 2011


I know we should be patient when things go awry.  Well, I really am calm about my new situation.  And that surprises me.  It's temporary and I'll survive, but makes me realize how dependent I am on my internet.  Seems a mole has chewed into my internet cable which is buried underground.  Drat.  So, I am without internet at home - so here I sit at a little desk at our local library instead of being at home in my usual digs.  And to that,  I say, I'm glad there is a solution being worked on by my internet company.  This, too, shall pass. But a Verizon store that can fix me up with an air card is not far away...Something to ponder.

A friend emailed that they are headed out in a few minutes for a week at the beach.  The weather should be fantastic and I hope the family has a great time.  I just got a text from our son inviting us to come watch our grandson play flag football in the morning.  I don't think we have anything planned so that will be a nice Saturday outing.  Surely, lunch can be factored  into that scenario quite easily.  Ummm, seems food is often at the center of our thoughts.

I chopped some peppers to put in the freezer for winter use.  Seems a branch had broken so it was either save the peppers or let them go to waste.  Some were a decent size but most were not quite ready but I chopped them anyway.  It's hard to let anything go to waste these days. 

These early morning blushing pumpkins were just dying to get their picture taken.

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