Sunday, October 9, 2011

Creative Juices

The Cold War continues to persist in the household with MainMan restricted from the kitchen and must wash his hands often.  So far, I have been blessed to have resisted the germs.  During my employed years, the colds would hit fast and furious, only to linger and sometimes return to full speed before slowly dying.  Unbelievably, since I quit work, I have not had a cold - nope, not even a wee one.  So glad I'm not working at this time and being cold-free is an added bonus.

Today found me in a creative mode so I created a few things.
But I only took pictures of the Spooky cupcakes I made. 

But I did make a list of items to get tomorrow.  Some items are on a grocery list which is understandable since we've been away for a week.  I'm going to try to continue to eat healthier now that we're home and then attempt to move to the next level of healthier preparation and ingredients.  We actually ate quite well while we were gone, only eating two small meals per day like we do at home.  It is easy to get in the habit of grabbing unhealthy items instead of fixing something healthy.  Surely I can do better in that regard.  The cupcakes are just a special treat - and actually already have all but a few in the freezer to have for occasional treats. MainMan obviously has some of his smelling and tasting abilities restored because he came through a bit ago and asked me if he could have a couple. I'm sure he smelled the chocolate cupcakes baking. Yes!  He actually asked me to fix him a little plate and a drink knowing I would not be happy to see him in the kitchen with germy germ hands.  He said he washed them but why take a chance, I say.  After all, I don't want a nasty head cold like he has.

Here are a few more pictures from our mountain week.

With cooler weather predicted, I'm thinking some upcoming evenings will see us huddled around the fire pit.  We haven't used it this season and it will be great to enjoy some quiet evenings with a marshmallow roasting on a stick.  Maybe even a hot dog grilled over the fire too.  That's really the best way to cook them.  Note to self: add hot dog buns to the grocery list. 

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