Saturday, October 22, 2011

Folklife Festival

Today, Sweetz and I went to Ferrum, Virginia, to their annual Folklife Festival.  It's a really neat place to spend the day.  Lots and lots and lots of walking but ever a great way to spend the day.  It takes place on the Ferrum College campus which is a beautiful school nestled in the hills and hollers of that beautiful state.  It's far from big cities but close to the natural beauty of the country. 

There was a horse pull with some of the most beautiful teams of horses ever seen.  They are so eager to pull that they are prancing and pacing even before the hook is put into the sled hole.  Over the contest, the sled is slowly filled with huge concrete forms to increase the weight.  The contest begins with teams of two matched horses hooking onto the sled.  We watched the contest until there was 6,000 lbs of concrete in the sled and most of the lower weight teams were eliminated by that time.  Although I noticed that some teams were left in their trailers until closer to the time the big weights were in contest.  When we left that field, the BIG boys were being removed from their trailers and were being readied with beautiful yet massive harnesses before being walked to the arena.  But there is just so much time in the day, and other displays and shows were being missed. 

So much to do: banjo playing, antique car show, coon dog water contest, hay baling, moonshine still demo, storytelling, mule tricks and jumping contest, sheep herding, tractor show, wheat threshing, craft exhibits, molasses making, pumpkin butter making, knitting lessons, weaving exhibits, wood carving, tours of various cabins, etc.  And I could go on and on.  It's a wonderful way to spend the day getting away from the modern stresses and out into the open on a perfect fall day. 

And there was some delicious food cooked by churches and other organizations in the area.  Food like you'd never find at the state fairs.  Nope, and how they make it so good in such quantities is beyond my comprehension.  We chose a fried chicken lunch with the sides and a drink.  Best fried chicken this side of heaven and it was HUGE. 

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