Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Made an Impression!

Today was dentist day.  I broke a corner off a bottom premolar a few weeks ago and today was the day it was smoothed off and fitted for a crown.  I'd say I'm definitely a candidate for a crown - but I'd rather have one with jewels though!  Oh well, it was necessary - so an impression was made then tools and coded messages back and forth between the assistant and the dentist kept me in the dark.  Since I'm a prime candidate for a migraine, it was decided I'd wear sunglasses today.  First time for me although I should have done it ages ago.  But guess that proves we're never too old to learn something.  They sure did help!  No migraine today.

The numbing is just now wearing off although the assistant said it would take two hours.  Right!  My first shot was about 10:45 and it's 5:30 and it's still partially numb.  That's ok, it will wear off and it's not stopping me from anything I want to do.  Sweetz took me to the dentist's office today and ran a few errands while I was in the big chair.  When I was finished we headed out for some fried chicken at Jerry's.  Excellent place and it was soooo goooood.  Even though I had to chew on my left side, it didn't slow me down much.  On our way out of town, we drove by the beast's house - was hoping to see her outside just to prove she didn't have a job, but everything was snug as a bug in a rug.  So, I can't tell if they still live there, or not. 

A couple of friends/coworkers from work are taking me out tomorrow for a belated "bereavement lunch" since they weren't able to get our schedules coordinated until now.  I haven't seen them since my brother died, so it will be good to get together and do a bit of catching up.  One of them lives a block from the beast, so maybe she will know if the the beastly one is still in residence.  Would be nice to know that she's moved, but I can't be  given all my wishes.  Well, why not??? 

Sweetz and I spent several hours this afternoon raking, blowing, and mowing leaves.  He drove the big mower while I blew the leaves away from the flowerbeds, patio, edges, and walkway.  I also raked a big pile of leaves into the edge of the woods so we can use them in the garden next spring.  They make good mulch and also add nutrients to the soil when they break down.   Looking up into the trees, there will be lots of days left that will see us outside soaking up the sunshine and working on the leaves.  That's fall...and that's a good thing.     

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