Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pitter Patter

The rain started last night and it rained off and on throughout the night, so was suspecting our grandson's flag football game would be cancelled.  Sure enough, my son called early this morning to say it was raining and not to come.  We still need to get together with them though, if nothing else but to give Nathan his birthday gift - he turns a big 9 this year.  I filled two plastic pumpkins with some goodies, so wanted to give them to the boys - and since Halloween is Mon, I'm running out of time.  But their days are packed full of activities so there's not much free time.  We're trying to find a convenient time.

Talked to my mom awhile this morning.  Then had a long conversation with Linda (sister-in-law).  She's staying busy with a multitude of things since my brother's death.  Must be difficult getting all that done without his help.  Then she continues to have issues with drainage in her yard after a heavy rain.  She had some contouring done and drainage pipes added underground in the backyard to hopefully aid water run-off.  She now has six water pipes going out to the front to help keep the water from flooding the yard and hopefully not to seep in her basement.  She also just had the garage painted so is thinking she's about set for the winter months. 

She will be coming Thanksgiving week so we're looking forward to seeing her and enjoying her visit.  She told me about a few things she is making so I'm feeling a bit unproductive at the moment.  Maybe I will get bitten by the Productive Pilgrim soon so I can have things looking decent by the time she arrives. Naaah, I'll probably just go with the flow and not worry about it. 

The rain has stopped now and the sun is wanting to pop through.  Our foliage is just beautiful here with autumn colors ranging from greens to reds and all variations in between.  The leaves are falling and the raking job has already begun.  I'm thinking the leaves will all be down by Thanksgiving and maybe Sweetz and I can enjoy some leaf pile jumping before they are all shredded.  Nope, I still don't think I'm too old for that!  But for now I will enjoy the beauty around us and worry about all that work another day.  

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