Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Rod By Any Other Name Is Still A Rod

Sweetz and I went to Lowes this morning to buy a replacement for a broken closet clothes rod.  Talk about a frustration.  They tried to show us the little lightweight metal hanging unit in the more modern closet construction kits.  Right.  Written right on the "rod", it stated it would hold 33lbs.  Now, how in tarnation is that going to work in a "normal" closet with a normal amount of clothes.  I tried to hold back my snickers.  Then the nice saleslady gave us the option of a wooden rod.  Off we scooted following her to the lumber section.  Sure enough, there they were.  Long round beautiful rods...pine.  Again, I tried to contain my snickers.  Ok, she says, how about this one on the other side of the aisle.  Right.  It was no better...made of poplar.  Both are LIGHT weight woods and would (no pun intended) never hold the weight of our clothes. She even made the suggestion of using a curtain rod!!!  It was all I could do to contain myself at this point. 

I asked her if there were any metal rods in the store.  No, she quickly informs me.  Told her it didn't have to be a "closet" rod, just a metal rod.  Nope, didn't have them.  Right. She even called the store manager...nope, don't have any.  Knowing well before this point that I was talking to an idiot...we opted to walk through the metal section.  Found copper rods...nope, way expensive and soft, of course.  Then we found some black iron rods.  Then galvanized rods a bit farther.  Soooo, Lowes doesn't have metal rods...  The Sweetz man chose the galvanized rod.

A friend called while we were in Lowes and wondered if I would meet her in Martinsville for lunch.  Sure, I said.  She gave me a bit over an hour to get there.  We grabbed the galvanized rod and rushed to the checkout. I arrived at Texas Steakhouse 2 min late, but hey, I thought that was a miracle to get there then. Of course, I was behind a very slooooow 18 wheeler, certainly must have hit 93.7% of the red lights, plus surely every crazy driver in that town.  She had just arrived and was checking out the menu when I was escorted to the booth.  Good food and good company. And I had soup in a bread bowl!  Seems a waste since there was so much bread left over but it looked adorable.  I had made her some cookies last night while chatting on Facebook, but in my rush, I forgot to pick up the bag I had ready for her. Bummer. I didn't tell her, but it would have been a nice touch if I had remembered them. Guess SOMEone will have to eat them... And no....I'm not giving them to the salesclerk at Lowes.

BTW, the rod has been cut to the correct length and is now holding all the clothes with no effort at all.  Fantastic!!!   

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