Saturday, October 8, 2011

Home - Safe and Sound

We left about 8am this morning from our overnight stop after munching on a delicious breakfast at our motel.  I chose the hot and tasty Belgium waffle.  There was a nice gentleman in the breakfast nook from Williamsburg, VA, who was on his way to attend a family reunion later that day.   He was a retired Navy pilot who entertained us with some of his life like his father losing his job in the coal mines and subsequent family move to Florida to find a job, meeting his wife, seeing the world during his Navy career, and his children being born overseas.  All interesting.  He was waiting for his wife to finish getting ready but she never appeared so wasn't able to meet her but he was certainly an interesting man. 

As we started down the highway, we soon encountered fog nearly as thick as pea soup. Was pretty though.  I was driving and snapped a few pictures out the front windshield. The fog seemed to last forever plus a mile or two, but maybe we were in high in the mountains.  I don't know where we were except somewhere on 81 heading north with Rhoda giving exceptional directions to our house.  She has such a trustworthy voice, so intelligent, and definitely in control.  If I misbehave, she'll quickly butt into my life with, "Turn around as soon as possible".  Yep, she's in control.   

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