Saturday, October 15, 2011


The fall colors are creeping in around us. What a blessing!  Each day the colors are a bit more pronounced with a promise of a full brilliance one day soon.  The leaves are floating down to the ground, especially when there's a bit of a breeze.  There's also a nip in the air in the mornings which is such a refreshing change from the heat of the past summer. Autumn is a treat for the senses which makes it difficult to stay away from the windows or even to stay indoors for long. Now, I wonder why this season has two names when the others have only one.  Tis something to ponder.  

I made a pumpkin roll yesterday afternoon which I cut in thirds and froze separately. I tasted a pinch of it and thought it was fit for a king.  Another blessing for future desserts.  One piece will be given to my mom when she returns from the lake and I'm planning to give the third section to a friend whose husband only has a few more days to live. How sad to think of the strain this family is going through. At least with both my dad and my brother, a sudden death has its benefits for the family although we never had the opportunity to say good bye.  But blessings come in different forms.  Nothing will take away the loss of her dear husband though.  They had a terrific marriage, one built on mutual and genuine love and I know she will miss him dearly.     

We were planning to head down the road to watch our grandson play flag football this morning, but Sweetz had a rough night with a nasty cold that he caught over a week ago while we were on our recent trip to Kentucky and West Virginia.  This one has not been an easy one to get over so he's having a tough fight to gain control. Maybe mountain germs are more difficult to fight. LOL  I'm playing the part of the nagging wife by constantly reminding him to wash his hands and stay out of the kitchen.  He's probably sick of hearing me tell him, but thus far I've remained cold-free.  And that's a blessing. I did wake to a headache this morning, but it's about gone now without taking so much as a single Tylenol, so am grateful for that. 

I'm definitely grateful for my blessings today as each day.  As the world grows more unsettled by the day with rumblings of discord, right now I am at peace.  Life is stressful some days, but we have to keep our nose facing forward and glean blessings where we can find them and give God the thanks He so richly deserves.

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