Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Three In A Booth

Today began with rain and so far it's still sprinkling a little off and on. Looks like we have gotten about 3/4 inch, but it's taken all day to get that amount. That's ok, it's still beautiful to see rain after the dry hot summer we experienced. 
Lunch was very nice today at Ruby Tuesday with a couple of friends I used to work with.  We haven't seen each other in awhile although we do email occasionally.  All three of us got the soup and salad bar combo and munched away as we enjoyed each other and tried to get caught up with all the news. 

Both of them are sharp dressers so I had to spend a little extra time finding something half decent to wear so they wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen with me.  Of course, both of them are retired too but they continue to dress in big circles around me.  It was thoughtful of them to take me to lunch and both asked about my brother and his last days with us.

Lynn told us about her "normal" days and how she stays busy making wreaths and sewing quilts.  Wow, I was impressed.  Doris is knitting scarves for Christmas gifts and said she gives so many away that she has to keep making more.  So, what am I doing?   Gracious, my little accomplishments didn't seem so special, but now that I think back on my year, I have been rather productive, although I have read lots of books and worked lots of sudoku puzzles too. 

I went shopping after lunch even though it was raining pretty steadily at that time.  I only bought a handful of things at the Dollar Tree, but didn't need any of them.  I asked myself on my drive home what was wrong - myself didn't answer.  Guess I'm still suffering a bit of depression after my brother died.  More time must be required to get myself back together to want to sew and knit and make things like I used to do in the past. 

I went outside before dark to try to get a couple of pictures of our rainy day but none were all that great in my opinion.  The fall color is pretty now, but with houses and cars and electrical wires sprinkled here and there, it's difficult to get a decent picture.  One day I need to head down the road with my camera to capture some good photos.  That will require a road trip, but that would be ok too.  Probably would help me in other ways too.  Sweetz continues to improve daily and I'm thankful for that blessing and also that I've escaped these nasty germs. 

Wasn't that something in the news today where the man in Ohio let all his wild animals loose and then apparently killed himself!  And the World Series begins tonight.  Nope - I won't be watching that, but did watch the rather spirited Republican debate last night.  Guess I'll get this entry loaded and then grab a book.  Doesn't sound like anything exciting will be happening around here tonight - well as least as I far as I can tell at this point. And that's just fine with me.  A lot can be said about tranquility.

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