Friday, October 7, 2011

Mountain Tops

We had a nice day riding through back roads on our way to Abingdon, VA. We stopped in the Cumberland Mtns to enjoy some gorgeous views and a short walk.  Back on the road we passed some beautiful scenes which I would have loved to have photographed on a more leisurely drive.  MainMan still prefers Fast and Faster as his preferred speed.  We stopped for a delicious lunch at Applebee's and got such large portions that we asked for Go 'n Tow boxes.  We were thinking we would warm our leftovers for supper but so far neither of us are hungry and probably won't be before breakfast in the morning. 

We saw the Barter Theater in Abingdon, but neither of the plays excited us to part with our money, so we roamed the streets of the downtown historical section.  Also, I wasn't interested in attending a dinner theater which begins at 8:15 pm - too late for eating and definitely too late a night for a duo of geezers. Spent some time in the old depot which has been renovated to house the fine arts council. There were lots of artists on location who were painting, fashioning jewelry, weaving, etc. 

After lunch, Speedy finally let me drive awhile so I got behind the wheel and the speed dropped to bearable.  I even snapped a few pictures while I was driving although the focus will probably be awful but at least I tried.  At one point I was driving 70mph on Hwy 81 - yep that's the speed.  Can't go any slower than that unless you want to be gobbled up by an 18 wheeler plowing into your rear license plate. 

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