Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ridin' The Rails

Well, the sun has set on another beautiful day in Kentucky and we were fortunate to experience the day from sunrise to sunset.  It's beautiful here with fall colors developing over every mountainside and valley.  It's still predominately green, but the reds and yellows are forming more each day.

We spent the day on a scenic railroad trip in the Cumberland Mountains going along the river gorge and seeing some pretty fall scenes.  Yep, I took some pictures, but right now I haven't gone through them to decide which ones to post.  Forgive me, that will happen but not tonight.  I'll add some another night.

MainMan has a bad cold and I'm hoping he gets better with some medicine we picked up today.  And I certainly don't want any of those germs.  We'll head to Cumberland Gap tomorrow and then point the car toward home.  There will be at least a couple more days on the road before we return home.  Maybe he will feel great by then, but in the meantime I'll be stuck in a car with those same germs.  Maybe I should buy some Lysol spray!!!   

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