Monday, October 24, 2011

The Treadmill Awaiteth

Today, a friend and I went shopping.  When I picked her up at her condo, she gave me 4 nice long-sleeved blouses that someone had given her.  I'm glad she found a nice home for them.  One is kinda tight - and looks like I need to work on my middle.  Am thinking I need to get on the treadmill tonight.

One of our stops was a consignment shop in one of the towns where I found a  great bargain.  It's a black silk jacket with embroidered flowers all over it.  Then it was 25% off day, so I lucked out with a great jacket at an even greater price! 

Mom dropped by and brought us two slices of her homemade apple pie.  She has to be the world's best apple pie maker, so I ate my slice happily.  Now, I know I really need to head downstairs to the treadmill.  Wonder how long I have to walk to work off the calories of just one slice! But the whole time I will be thinking "it was worth every bite"! 

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