Sunday, October 23, 2011

Land of Snooze

Today was another beautiful fall day.  Sweetz and I went to church and lunched afterwards and then headed home to lounge the rest of the day away. 

A comfy nook in the children's room at our local library.  I love the upholstery on the big chair with all those books waiting on the shelves for me to read.

I picked up a good book I was reading and finished the last half and found myself sitting in the chair getting sleepier and sleepier.  So, off I went to stretch out on the bed and seconds later I must have been in the wonderful Land of Snooze.  Didn't think I was behind in my sleep bank, but must have been so this nap surely caught me up and now I'm ready to roll.

The sun has set and now it's dark and the lights are on.  I'm spending tomorrow with a friend as we head out to parts unknown to do a bit of shopping and surely grab lunch somewhere too.  Perhaps, just perhaps if we're lucky, we can find something to photograph while we're riding the roads. 

I need to call my mom and check on her.  And supper hour has come and gone and no meal is ready to serve.  Gracious, I'm slipping. Naps are nice, but they keep me from my "chores".  LOL



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