Sunday, October 2, 2011

Clip Clip Clip

Yesterday, I headed over to mom's.  Little did I realize I would be out in the bushes with clippers in hand cutting and slashing through overgrown plants.  But that's what I did.  No electric clippers either.  The dear mom and I prefer the hand method so that just the right branch is cut at just the precise spot for the ultimate natural look.  Now the plants all look wonderful and have no "I have just been visited by the electric clippers". My trusty camera was in the car which was parked at the road but I was too exhausted to walk to the car to get it.  That's a sign of being over the hill tired.  On we plodded until the work was done.  Ronnie, the man who mows her lawn, was there so he offered to haul off the clippings.  That was priceless since I didn't think I would be able to bend over one more time. Then we rested for awhile and  contemplated how nice a restaurant supper would be.  

We chatted until our bones were rested enough to walk to the car. Then off we drove to Sagebrush for a steak dinner - since we thought we needed to be sufficiently rewarded for all that physical labor.  The food was delicious and Nicole took great care of us.  I didn't need any rocking to go to sleep, for the snores arrived easily and quickly. 

Now, it's another day and the skies are lightening.  Wonder what is in store for us today?  Well, for one thing, since we are planning a trip to Ohio tomorrow, there are a few things already on my growing list.  No RV this time - we will be "moteling" this trip and doing some sightseeing.  So, after we return from church and lunch with friends, I need to wash a few loads of laundry, pack, and check on motels along the way and back.  Also need to finish at least one volunteer project that's due.  Sounds like my day will be busy but a nice week awaits us as we see some of the country as yet undiscovered by us.  I'm definitely looking forward to some new adventures.  

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