Friday, September 30, 2011


There are two large gourds still growing and hanging on the garden fence. One is barely visible behind the leaves. Hope they have enough time to mature.  This is the first year we've grown gourds ( my suggestion) and I learned that our gourds hanging on the fence have straight necks while the ones of this variety growing on the ground have hooked necks.  I also learned that gourds are quite heavy while they are growing - for some reason I thought they would be hollow and light like dried ones.  Not so.  Guess that just goes to prove that I'm still not too old to learn.   

And this year our holly bushes have VERY few red berries while the dogwoods are practically loaded down with them.  Also the walnuts and acorns are scant in number this season.  Ummm, wonder if that's a prediction of what kind of winter we will experience.

Today is Friday and this is the day I must decide and post my week's photos in the focus group I joined.  Yippee.  Now, I need to decide which shots to upload.  It's nice to see the pictures and read the comments from fellow photographers all over the world.  Some I have corresponded with for several years.  It's nice to connect with them and to notice that my friend from Australia uploads spring pictures while I enter my fall pictures.  My friend from France experiences much more snow than we have where I live.   One lives near the sea and contributes beautiful ocean shots. Then the another photographer from Israel enters pictures with vastly different landscape and architecture.  It's interesting to see the vast optical pleasures God has given us and I would call all of it "eye candy".

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