Saturday, March 31, 2012

Remembering The Good Times

We slept in our own bed last night and that's a real treat after motel beds.  Some are ok, others leave much to desire.  Most of the mattresses on our trip were decent, but all are plopped on wooden foundations, unlike the bouncy box springs we buy for our homes.  Not sure why the motel owners think we are ok with harder beds.  Well, maybe we Americans are soft.  Maybe so - at least in the bedding department.

Speaking of bedding, I did a bit of online surfing today and found some decently priced pillows.  YES.  Now, the question is whether I will really buy them plus pay shipping and handling to get them here.  The pillows I'm talking about are the decorative ones with a seashore theme - perhaps a shell, a lighthouse, beach umbrella, or a sailboat on them.  Something fresh and alive and yells of SUMMER. It's time to put away the dark colors of winter and refresh with something to remind me of warmth, sun, and fresh fruit...perhaps something to remind me of the relaxation of the beach.  Well, I still have the option of making some. 

I spent some time with mom today - her level of intelligence and energy always astounds me.  She seemed glad to see me after we were away for a week.  The katz are friendly with her and enjoy her attention and scratches plus the overflowing food dish.  She and I ran a few errands in town and also had a leisurely lunch at a local diner.  I bought a couple of Easter cards to send to those who don't email.  Private Thought:  they need to get with the technology world. 
I found out today that an old friend died while we were away.  She was a dear lady who lost her husband a couple of years ago.  She was just waiting on this earth for her reunion with him and to spend eternity in heaven. She got her wish.

Some memories of Beach Week...


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