Saturday, March 24, 2012

By The Sea

We left home this morning and headed to the coast.  During the ride, it rained, it stopped, it rained, it drizzled, and finally it stopped.  Finally, the sun came out right before we checked into our room.  We headed down to the historical section of town and enjoyed walking the boardwalk/marina and even spent some time in some of the quaint shops.  If the rain hadn't started again, we would have spent more time browsing the quaint shops.   Well, we do have the rest of the week, and the weather forecast sounds like it will cooperate nicely.

We saw an interesting purple car.  And the owner was sitting behind the wheel eating an ice cream cone.

One of our stops was in a shop with lots of working artist studios.  All the doors were open and we browsed in most of them.  There were some beautiful artistic creations of jewelry, paintings, sculpture, pottery, silk creations, wood carvings, guitars, etc.  And most were so totally unique that it was hard to not buy something from each artisan!

There's a neat eatery next door that was calling our name.  We went through the line and picked out some home cooking.  The lady behind the counter was REALLY scooping HUGE servings on our plate.  As it turned out, I couldn't eat all of my supper, but decided not eating everything on my plate was the best solution.  

By the time we arrived back at our room, I decided a bit of time in the fitness room would be just what I needed after that big meal. 

There was a big sign on the fitness room wall with rules.  Rule #2 said to never exercise alone...oops.   I just kept pedaling and  pondering that sign...alone.  Didn't bother me enough to stop though.  And the TV reception was pitiful, not much to entertain me, but I kept pedaling to China and back.  Bet I will be feeling some sore muscles tomorrow. Might have to get back on that baaaad machine in the morning just to work off the aches I know I'm gonna be feeling. 

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