Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Pond In The Sky

Yesterday I surprised even myself with a spurt of creativity.  I glanced at my favorite unlined tote bag and decided it needed to be lined.  Seems I made the tote last fall but had never felt compelled to line it so yesterday the idea was born and now it's lined.  This bag is used for so many things like back and forth to the library, a camera bag, carry-all on trips, and to church on Sundays. 

It was toted to church this morning and I slipped a pen and a bottle of water into the lining pockets.  Guess it doesn't take much for me to be excited these days. When I made the tote back in the fall, I painted a butterfly and some flowers on the front pocket with a smaller version of it on the back.  The lining is a colorful flowered fabric and the inside pockets are from a red and white fabric.  Talk about colorful!  Although when it's being toted around, the lining isn't actually noticeable, but when I see it, I have to smile.  Wonder what else I can make? 

Our little Betta fish didn't make it.  He began his downward spiral about a month ago.  Al wouldn't eat much and had little energy.  Anyway, we tried changing his water more often, even bought the little guy a different brand of food which was advertised to be the healthiest choice.  Today, when we came home from church and lunch with friends, he had gone on to the happy pond in the sky.  I doubt I get another one this time.

Our friend, Wil, has been having some problems with his tummy and he will have a procedure this Friday. Told him I'd be praying for him that all goes well and all his results be good ones. 

We could get some white stuff tonight - at least that's what Mr. Weatherman is predicting.  That would be ok but I want everyone to be safe on the roads and sidewalks. Maybe it will be like a couple of weeks ago when we had snow - pretty coming down and then melt the next day.  That would be ok in my book.     

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