Sunday, March 11, 2012

Up And Holding

And I did...did head into the bathroom and retiled the wall last evening.  I actually did it and it looks good.  The tiles are now stuck to the wall with tile adhesive and waiting the drying time.  I'm going to give it 48 hours to dry before I hit the spaces with grout.  That will be Monday evening.  Sure, I can do it!! The tiles are not the same size, off by a miniscule amount here and there so some eyeballing had to be done to keep things fairly straight.  But, I'm happy and very pleased.  Well, as pleased as I can be with 4 cream tiles where blue ones should be.  Oops, guess I haven't forgiven the plumber for breaking them yet.  But I think I found the best solution and it's actually not that bad. 

My mom suggested I paint something on the four new tiles!  HA!  What would I paint?  A camper nestled in a nice lakeside site?  That's where my heart is.  Ahhhh, but that is another story.

Sweetz still tells me we're going camping one day this month.  I'll hold my breath until then.  The cover is still on the camper and I'm sure it needs a bit of a cleaning before we can head out.  The winterization will have to go through a spring-ization process.  But will we have to get a loan to pay for the gas that thing will require to head up and down the road looking for that nice lakeside site?  Oh my, why does the gas prices have to skyrocket just when we want to go somewhere?  Perhaps we can cement a pad in the backyard, plug her in, and pretend there's a lake view out the window.   

The weather is to be "springy" around here next week and I can hardly wait.  I will probably need to hog-tie myself to stay motivated to work inside on our final few home projects.  Maybe it won't be so bad...sigh... I could work on the projects in the morning and evening and still spend some time outside in the warm afternoons!!! YEAH!!  Sure, there's a solution to everything, it just will require some ingenuity to get 'em done! 

We went to both the morning and evening services at church today.  Our preacher is certainly superb at tying Biblical history with present times.  I'll give him an "A". 

And my woes about the Daylight Savings Time??  It turned out ok. I changed the clocks early, went to bed earlier, and woke naturally.  Oh, and took a nap this afternoon to catch up on my lost hour.  We're even now!

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