Friday, March 9, 2012

Toiling With the Tiles

Sweetz and I worked on the hall bathroom tile re-fix-it project.  The sheetrock was removed and adjusted to create a level backing.  Sounds easy, doesn't it?  Well, it wasn't, but it got done through grit, a few loose words, and determination.

I made a template of the area and designed what I think is a presentable checkerboard pattern using all the blue tiles that Mr. Rip It Out Plumberman left me plus four new bone-colored ones.  Not bad, if I say so myself.  Lots of work though.  While the rest of the seniors were relaxing and enjoying themselves, I was toiling at a high level. But I did learn to use a small hand coping saw to cut the tiles to go around the water piles. Never did that before. 

We need to head to the local big box home improvement store to get a few items to complete this project and the other projects on my list.  I've done what I could but had to stop when I realized I was missing a needed item on each project. Thought I had everything, but nooooo, seems like that's nearly always the case!  But that's workable.  Tomorrow, I plan to adhere the bathroom tiles and then regrout as soon as that's dry.  Then stand back and do a great deal of admiring!

There are two other projects on my original to-do list and today SweetzyPoo has added another one.  Now, that's not the way things are to be done.  I like to see something finished!!!  And so far, nothing is finished.  Whew, I want to see them done done done since some reading and camera snapping is sorely needed.  It's nearly spring too and I want to get outside to enjoy the warm temps. Well, these jobs will be nice when they are done done done and I can smile, smile, smile.      

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