Tuesday, March 6, 2012

He Missed It

The weatherman missed it -- and I couldn't be happier!  We had no winter precipitation in our area yesterday.  The sky varied from puffy white clouds, to solid blue skies, to overcast, to sunny, to partly cloudy, and that was all in the same hour!  Certainly was entertaining to say the least.  I'd rather have that type of enjoyment than more winter precip.  Go away winter, it's time for you to move on.  

Sweetz and I headed to the dreaded WallyWorld this morning.  He wanted oil and oil treatment for the car so while there we picked up the groceries on my list.  Now, we're ready for some healthy meals for another week.  Potatoes, onions, English muffins and...

We stopped at Mom's Diner for lunch only to find it was ever so busy.  We decided to claim a dirty booth and wait for the waitress to clean it, which she did real quick.  After we were seated, I found it entertaining to watch all of the county come through the door looking for a booth/table.  Many left when they saw how long the wait was going to be.  Actually, no one stayed long after they finished eating, so the tables were cleaned and filled again at lightning fast speed. I got dizzy just watching the comings and goings.  

I chose a homemade chicken salad sandwich and SweetOne  ordered two hot dogs.  One of the desserts of the day was a coconut cake so I ordered one to bring home to enjoy later.  I ate a few bites of it and it is really delicious!!  

Ordering one slice of cake just seemed like a smart choice rather than making an entire cake. Then again, a big cake sounds like a good choice too since I usually freeze small sections to enjoy later.  

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