Thursday, March 22, 2012

Planning to Plan

I'm getting excited since today Sweetz and I finally decided on a trip.  We will take the car and motel-it down the road.  To the beach, to see the sights - whatever highlights make it to our priority list.  Doesn't matter - just moving out for something new will be a treat. Many of our favorite campgrounds don't open this early so we'll do the camping thing later on this spring.  

We went out for supper tonight to a seafood restaurant.  I do declare that this winter about had me in its doldrum fingertips.  But the spring arrived safely and we now want to head out for a little trip.  We ordered a seafood combo which the Mister and I shared - which is plenty for the geezers.  Mom went with us and she had the senior plate and she ate all of hers.  Sweetz and I weren't able to eat all of our shared combo plate and even filled one of those little white styrofoam take-out containers with the leftovers. I'd say it was a huge serving!  I plan to let him eat the leftovers tomorrow, I've had enough seafood to last me a week or more.  It was delicious going down though but I shouldn't have eaten so late in the evening.  My stomach will be reminding me of the late feeding for hours to come. Perhaps I should just plan to snooze in a chair until at least midnight to keep the food down where it belongs.  But there's always a handy bottle of chewable Tums if needed.  And I'll promise to not eat so late once again.  All the time knowing I will break my promise. It's inevitable.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. 

I freed my bike from winter storage this afternoon and biked around the neighborhood. Felt good to push myself some. Tomorrow I plan to take it out again and see if I can increase my distance and endurance.
Sweetz and I went to the little city today and did a bit of hunting and gathering.  I got my hair cut - disastrously once again and this time I didn't make a return appt. Fool me once, it's my fault; fool me twice and I'll disappear.  Actually, when I got home I immediately grabbed my haircutting scissors and began to repair what damage I could.  Blunt ends and blunt bangs do not make me happy.  I even told the little scissor woman what I didn't like about the haircut and she demonstrated back to me (and verbally) what I wanted.  Yep, thought all was set.  Well,  it didn't happen.  So, that's the last time I go there.  And I have to PAY her for the choppingly bad chop.  Too bad, because she is real nice and has been a family friend for some 15 years. But she doesn't have to walk around with a bad haircut like I do.  Now where do I go?  This is the second scissor lady that I've left recently...but there are others.  I'll just keep trying until I find Queen of the Scissors.  She's out there somewhere. 

Tomorrow I must head to the library to exchange my stack of books.  Too bad it isn't within a couple of miles of home or I'd head out on my bike...and anyway there are LOTS of hills and valleys between here and there.  I'd NEVER make it back alive because the first incline would be Cardiac Hill and it would be fatal. 


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