Saturday, March 17, 2012

Views From The Top

Mom came over to see the finished bathroom and was so happy for us that it was finished.  We decided we'd go out for a chicken wing lunch to celebrate.  We do LUV fried chicken wings and they were ever so delicious.  I had slaw and potato salad to round it out. 

We drove around the county roads to see if spring has sprung.  The weather was divine today, ever so nice.  We stopped by WallyWorld to check out a few things and then off to the bank for a few bucks out of the ATM machine.  A friend's son just became a father of a little boy named Christian who is just adorable.  I thought I'd get something today but nothing seemed quite right at WallyWorld, so I think I'll make a card and slip in some money.  After all, money is always the right size.  If I knew how to fold origami, I think it would be neat to include a bill in the shape of a baby or a diaper or a pacifier or some such.  Should have thought of it sooner so I could have done a search online and worked on that for a few days. 

I'm not pleased with the hallway paint.  The girl at Lowes sure didn't match the color from the chip I took her.  It is so far off, that if it was basketball, she wouldn't even be on the court. I've decided I'll just buy a gallon of a new color and paint the hall.  And then I'll keep the remainder to do touchups.  Guess I'll do that next week. What's with the mystery of the color you ask?  Well, no mystery, just haven't thought about the new color yet. 

See my grin???  I'm still smiling about the blue bathroom plumbing!!!!  :)

Mom and I plan to go to Old Salem in Winston-Salem one day next week.  Sounds like a great idea for some photography practice too! 

We walked the local trail today.  It was a beautiful day and this is some of what we saw. 

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