Friday, March 16, 2012

Some Celebrating Is In Order!

The blue bathroom plumbing/tiling is done!  The tiling has been replaced, the plumbing has been reinserted, the attachments are on, and today we were able to attach the spout and hand fixtures.   Did I mention that this has been one more headache?!?  Well, 3 visits by the plumbers to fix one thing, then another, and finally today...they welded a new water pipe (the correct length) and attached the spout. It wasn't our mistake, but theirs...but I'm not sure they will see it that way. I'm sure they will tack today's charge onto my bill and I'll be set as one of their favorite customer$!  Keeps them in business.  You don't think they made the water pipe to the spout too short on purpose??? Well, certainly not! NEVER!  

Sweetz and I decided to celebrate with the "bubbly" -- to us as teatotalers that is sparkling grape juice.  And yep, right there on the front porch after the men drove away, we sat on the porch chairs and toasted the celebration of the completion of all three plumbing projects. Another project down!

My to-do list is shrinking:  I sanded and painted the problem area on the downstairs green wall today.  The paint color appears to match the original color now but I really can't tell while it's still wet. But I'm assuming it's ok.  I also need to check whether the original wall is painted with flat paint - yipes, I bought eggshell.  Oh well, I might have to paint the walls.  No biggie, right???  Sure, what's another project!!  But I'm crossing my fingers for success that it is ok.  I'd like to put this behind me and move on to another project. Really???  I said that??? 

The day started all dreary with black skies but as the morning progressed, the front moved through and we ended having a beautiful sunny warm day.  The temp went up to 80 and that's a real warm day for the middle of March. Spring flowers are blooming here and there as well as trees beginning to swell with leaf buds.  Won't be long before everything has filled out with spring colors.  Then it won't surprise me if we start fussing about how hot it is...

Sweetz is looking at the maps and directories since we'd like to head out soon for some get-away time.  I'm ready for new views out my windows.  Not sure where we're going but the mountains sound inviting - as well as a trip to the beach.  North, south, east, well...doesn't really matter. 

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