Monday, March 26, 2012

By The Beautiful Sea

Our trip has just been awesome.  Lovely weather here at the coast which sure seems to guarantee an enjoyable stay.  And the locals are all so nice.  Guess they are happy to see vacationers spending money.

This morning we headed to Fort Macon.  Neat place with lots of history and photo ops at every turn.

We went to the beach and had a picnic lunch at a pavilion before we walked to the point.  It's a lot of effort to walk on the beach in the wet or dry sand but it was a good workout! 

We did some browsing in some gift shops where I was looking for a nautical-themed pillow for our living room.  Nope, didn't happen to find one that I liked well enough to fork over such a grand amount of cash.  Might have to make one myself when I get home.  That would be nearly free for my wallet. And for that price, I could make two - one for each end of the sofa!  

Supper was in a local restaurant with terrific food.  I got today's chicken parm special which came with salad and bread sticks.  I couldn't eat it all, but I sure tried my best! Yum.  Sweetz finished all of his meal of scallop bites, slaw, and fried okra. 

Not sure where we're heading tomorrow, but thinking it will be beautiful wherever we go.  And I'll have my camera slung over my arm.  Speaking of that, I might need to check my battery pak to see if it needs a bit of charging.  Sure don't want to be out and about and find I have a dead battery!  


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