Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just One Candle

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  Speaking of neighbors, I went over and visited with one of my neighbors this afternoon and then she called me twice after I got home.  She must really LUV ME!! 

Church was great and lunch with friends afterwards was special too.  Since last week was my birthday, they told the waiter before we arrived and he brought a slice of lemon meringue pie complete with a candle and the staff sang Happy Birthday after we finished our meal.  There were lots of people in the restaurant that we knew and many waved and came over to wish me congratulations.  Aint that sweeeeeet! And I got several gifts too.  Thanks friends!

A lady we knew for years died a couple of days ago and we're going to the funeral tomorrow.  Sad when people die, but her husband died a couple of years ago and she has been sad and lonely ever since. Then one of my neighbors was just put in the Hospice Home near us.  Wow, that's sad, but she has really been a fighter of her cancer for several years.  I'll go see her this week.  Lots of sadness in the neighborhood. 

Another neighbor came by and visited with his wife and that was real special.  They are such sweet people.  They've had some medical issues in the past year, but I do believe they both have licked their problems and they do enjoy living life to the fullest.    

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