Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tile Queen?

Tiles, tiles, tiles, that's about all I see and think about.  I've spent some time today preparing the wall behind the tile to accept the adhesive plus the weight of the tiles and grout. There were a few weak spots so had to handcraft those areas.  The area is clean and dry and now I'm waiting for one area of glue to dry.  Hoping all goes as expected.  The pictures don't do my work justice, but after all, this is my first repair job and it's going slow.  I don't want to have to do it but once! 

SweetzyPoo and I came up with the best tile design - oh, maybe I meant easiest design.  Whatever, it is decided.  With my template in hand, I cut the notches with a hand coping saw with a short metal blade.  Lots of work which doesn't make precise cuts, but where mine are cut will be hidden behind the metal collars. Whatever, whatever, whatever.  I can deal with some imperfection since I am imperfect myself.  

Everything will need a good cleaning afterwards.  This  tub/shower hasn't been used in about five years so there is five years' worth of dust and dirt on each crevice and tile.  But for everything there is a season and a time to clean and a time to READ.  Oh yeah, first I'm going to get this job done and then get back to my books.

And why haven't I started the tiling yet?  Well, it might be a tad of nervousness thrown in with pinch of insecurity.  Maybe it will show me to be incompetent.  Could I accept that?  Nope!  Surely, it'll be a piece of cake.  WHEW, I just need to just jump in the tub and get on with the job.  I just checked the glued part and it's dry and has a strong hold.  Everything's ready!  Am I? 

I fixed a delicious lupper again today.  Out came my George Foreman grill and I grilled burgers and fresh asparagus.  While they were cooking, I cooked chopped potatoes and in 7 minutes the timer went off and everything was ready.  Sure was good! 

Tonight is daylight savings change time.  We'll be losing an hour tonight but maybe it won't be so bad this year.  Yes it will, since I detest these changes.  Wish the powers that be would leave the time alone. 

My mom stopped by today to see how the tiling project was going and she mentioned she changed her clocks/watch this morning so she would be used to the new time by tonight.  I'll have to ask her tomorrow how that worked out.  Ummm, might be worth a try.  I just changed all our clocks in the house so I'm going to see if that works on my brain. 

OK, I've stalled enough.....time for the Tile Queen to master the task. 

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