Sunday, March 25, 2012

Water Water Everywhere

What a nice day we had.  It's so nice to be traveling away from home and seeing new things, experiencing new horizons. 

One of our stops this morning was historic Bath on the waterfront.  A very tiny hole in the wall but with a couple of homes open to the public. There's an area where you can park and enjoy the water  complete with benches and shade.  Since it was Sunday morning, most of the population seemed to be parked at one of the two churches in that area so we had the area practically to ourselves. 

We took a ferry ride this afternoon after we had lunch outside at a picnic table overlooking the water.  It didn't take long before we were in line for the 30 min crossing where we walked the deck and checked out all the views.

Our next stop was Aurora where we checked out the fossil museum and even tried our hand at digging outside in their fossil field with no fossil finds for me today. There is a gift shop in the museum where I bought a pair of earrings made of silver and Ethiopian opal. 

The next stop was New Bern, NC, with its great views of the water and the boats.  This is a more populated area with choices of lodging, restaurants, and shopping.  We'll head out tomorrow to see the rest of the sights in this area.

Even after walking around a lot today, I still decided to spend a bit of time in the exercise room of our hotel. It ended up being a great decision! I was behaving myself pedaling away on the exercise bike when a HUNK of the finest specimen arrived and did some stretches right in front of me and then proceeded to do chin ups at one station, then lift weights at another station, and finally do push ups at the top of the machine. I'm talking HUNK now! At this point, I didn't want to fall off my bike, but it was getting difficult to concentrate. Wouldn't you know, I left my camera in our room!!! Well, I did have my phone and I could have taken a picture with it, but I was not thinking clearly at that point. DRAT.   

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