Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beach Spray

There's not much left to say after you see the magnificent waves crashing at the beach with the unending sea behind. 

We had a great day: lots of sun, waves, walking, great food. 

I went in four shops looking for a decorative pillow but only saw plain ordinary pillows like I would see in my own hometown.  Where are the nautical themed pillows in this town????  Do I have to go home and make them myself??? 

A scattering of people were fishing at the pier today and half of them didn't mind talking to me.  One guy pulled in a couple of mullet, one lady snagged a pelican, two guys were catching fish, and then a lady who was between them got nothing!  She was so upset wondering what she was doing wrong.  Don't ask me, I have no idea - but I listened to her. 

The pelicans were landing on the rails begging whenever anyone pulled up a fish.  They stood there posing for me so I decided to reward them by taking their pictures.   

We went to the aquarium here today, neat place.  I loved all of it - even the hundreds of school kids running around, talking loud, hogging the displays.  Hey, I was young once - millions of years ago...  

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