Monday, March 19, 2012

Green Around The Gills

I haven't felt good today, had a bout with nausea for some reason.  But I held on and finally it passed.  Thankful for that, since I am not a fan of nausea.  I ate a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a few crackers for lunch and that seemed to calm my tummy.

Sometime this afternoon, I decided to sit out on the front porch and soak up some sun (in my face).  I took a book and ended up reading until I finished it.  Eventually, I pushed my chair into the shade but hopefully I won't be burned tomorrow.  It doesn't take much for me to sizzle, but I doubt I was in the sun very long.

This morning I put some beef stew into the crock pot with a bit of onion, peppers, salt, pepper, and a few pinches of my dried herbs.  Yeah, yeah, I put in a few dashes of this and that to make it mine.  Flipped the dial and off I went to not worry about supper.  By 5pm I was feeling normal and I cooked some noodles and heated a jar of our green beans.  TALK ABOUT DELICIOUS!!  Oh, oh, oh, it was good.  Simple food for simple folks.  And we ate on the front porch (yep, in the shade).  Life was good today.

I decided I had worked hard for a few weeks so deserved a day off to relax.  Tomorrow I think I'll head to Lowes and buy a gallon of paint for the downstairs hall.  Haven't decided on a color - but it will be a light color.  It has been green for YEARS so it's time for a change.  Not blue either, thinking I've had my fill of that color.  Something light and perky.  Ummmm, maybe yellow.  I'm still smiling everytime I see the bathroom tiling job.  What a pleasure to see something come together so well.  Mom wants me to caulk around her tub so I'll go down there one day and do that.  Easy peasy job...I think. 

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