Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tea on the Patio

Today was one of those beeeeeeautiful spring days that I long for all winter long.  Sweeeeeet.  The weather was beautiful with the air clear, the temps warm, the sun shining and no bugs have hatched.  

I went to the garden today and picked some broccoli and pulled some carrots which I fixed for supper tonight.  yum yummy  There was a bit of leftover pork loin in the freezer so we finished that tonight.   Not sure why but today I had trouble staying awake, so I eventually crawled between the clean sheets to catch a few winks.  And here it is about 9:30 and I'm sleepy again.  Perhaps I can blame that on the daylight savings time. I can feel it won't be long before I hit the sheets again. 

I noticed tiny sprigs of asparagus popping up in a few places in the garden today.  Hopefully, we can have some of our own to eat this year.  Read online yesterday that asparagus is supposed to be great for your health. Mom said she went to Southern States this morning to buy bags of lime and grass seed. Now, you gotta remember my mom is 90!! And acts like she's 35. Just amazing!! ...maybe she's been eating a lot of asparagus...

Sweetz is watching some movie and is dying for me to watch it with him. He said it was one of his favorite movies of all time.  I'm not really "into" movies so he popped a bag of popcorn to try to entice me to join him.  Doubt it works. 

I visited with my neighbor a bit today and also mom.  Everyone is doing fine and enjoying this spring weather. 

Sweetz put up the patio umbrella and a few lawn chairs on our teensy patio which just reminds me that I want to add some more pavers to enlarge the area.  YEAH, add that to my to-do list!!!  Go ahead, I need more to do!  

Speaking of to-do's, I worked a bit on the tiling project - I'm getting down to the last touchups.  I cut a little piece of tile to fit a tiny  corner that was going to show behind one the knobs, so stuck it in that area and it's now grouted and drying.  Also, caulked the bottom of tiles where they connect with the tub.  Tomorrow, hopefully we can put this baby to bed when we find a little connector to lengthen the pipe to the water "spout" and buy a METAL collar - couldn't believe the one we bought was PLASTIC!  Gag.  Any plumbing fixture that's plastic is worthless in my estimation. But everything looks great at this point and I'm pleased.  Tomorrow...the hall painting project!!  Yay.  I'm moving on down the list! 

Did take some time today to work a couple of sudoku puzzles on the front porch.  Those things are riveting!    

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