Monday, March 12, 2012

A Little of This and That

I finished with the blue tile repair spot today when I grouted the tiles I had put up.  OK!!  DONE. It looks good!  While I had the grout out and my fingers messy, I regrouted the master bath shower floor.  The Mr. pointed out a few needy spots so I got them filled in and wiped clean.  Now we're waiting for both areas to dry.  Tick, tick, tick, tick. Sweetz will put the controls back on tomorrow.  It'll be nice when everything is done. 

But I know...there'll always be something else on our to-do list.

Sweetz transplanted some peas into the garden that we had started from seeds in the little grow cups.  Hope the resident rabbit isn't interested in them.  Next the broccoli and cabbage seedlings will go in - maybe tomorrow.  They were also started from seeds in little grow cups and we've been moving them in and out and watering them faithfully.  They all look good. 

We ate the rest of our leftovers today so I'll have to start fresh tomorrow or perhaps we can head out for lunch.  This afternoon I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies - We both sampled a few and they were good. 

I haven't felt good today so it's amazing I got much done.  Even tried to nap - didn't work since I never could turn loose enough to fall asleep.  DRAT.   I didn't sleep well last night so hopefully I can remedy that tonight.  Sure am yawning now though, so it's off to bed I will go.  Tomorrow will come soon enough.  Ya'll have a good one now...     

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