Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Turning the Page

Sweetz and I headed to the big city today to see what we could see.  It was a HOT day too.  Unbelievable that this is still March!  Seemed more like July to me.  I guess our spring was in the winter and the summer is in the spring...then what happens in the fall?  Oh my, things are jumbled all around us. 

I finished my second book in a series today - but this series isn't so HOT, so I'll chill out with another author.  I don't care if it's in a series or not.  These last two books had things in them that I don't agree with, definitely out of my comfort zone.  Time to move on to another author.  But I do have a couple more books in my basket to choose from, although all the books are due back at the library on Friday.  Can I promise myself I will finish a book in two days?  Ummm, maybe I should read the one that has the fewest pages, or maybe the one with the biggest print.  It's not really a problem, since they are library books and I can check them out again or just start with new books next time.  Next time:  well, that's Friday - two days away.  Maybe I shouldn't take so many books out Friday.  Naah, life is about choices, including books.

I'm beginning to stay outside more and am actually reading less than I did in the winter.  But I have spent glorious hours reading on the front porch this month.  The world goes by while my nose is stuck in a book.  Yep, glorious hours lost in my own world. 

We have a herd of squirrels in our yard, seems there are more than ever before.  They scamper up and down trees and are seen constantly scouring the yard for buried nuts.  I believe they must smell them, because a squirrel will move across the yard with it's nose to the ground and then occasionally will stop and paw at the ground and out comes a nut in it's mouth.  It sits up straight and eats the nut and then off it goes - nose to the ground sniffing for another nut. 

They are also seen building nests up in the fairly bare trees.  That's optimism for you.  They pick up old leaves from the ground and up they go to the nesting spot and then you hear lots of rattling of old leaves and the squirrel gets the nest padded just the way the little woman wants.  I noticed one squirrel today noisily poked his dried leaf bundle into a hole waaaaay up the tree.  For a while I could see the little guy with the leaves and
then just like that, he disappeared into a hole. 

Today, he mailman delivered the bill for our homeowner's insurance.  Seems that's all I ever get - bills or junk mail.   And the bills go up every year.  I may have to evict the squirrel from the home in the hole and think about moving in up in a tree. 

We had quite an electrical storm here last night.  Right about the time the skies turned dark, a storm was brewing and turned into a humdinger of eye-popping lightning strikes.  All around us.  It was also the first time I remember seeing the lightning strikes so lengthy and move so slowly from heaven to the ground.  Yep, I thought about getting my camera, but then I didn't.  I was too enthralled watching the strikes.  We also lost our electricity right after the first few strikes.  The power flickered about a dozen times and coming back on each time, until...darkness...and silence.  And the silence lasted until one of our neighbors started up his noisy generator.  He likes his TV, so he wasn't about to 
miss the evening entertainment.  

Sweetz and I were getting a bit bored, after all we had talked all day and there wasn't much else to talk about...or at least anything he wanted to talk about...that interested me.  After all, sports talk of Manning and Tebow and million dollar contracts tend to keep my attention only so long.  So, we voted to head to bed - sleep is always a good choice.  But sometime during the night I awoke to talking and lights.  Yep, the power came back on so I crawled out of the comfy bed to flip switches on the TV and lamps
until silence and darkness again ruled the night. 

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