Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Blues

The week is moving right along whether I'm ready or not. 
Today, Sweetz and I tag-teamed on the ceramic tiles for the bathroom tub project. 
You remember, now don't you? 
The very nice efficient plumbers who tragically tore out my baby blue tiles in the tub fixture area and broke four in the process and necessitating us having to clean off the remaining ones to reuse. 

That "clean off" part sounds so lame. I worked on them two different times, and still the backs weren't clean. 

Today, I decided I would again work on cleaning those tiles and teased SweetMan to see if he would be interested in helping me. He finished cleaning his first tile and it was awesome!!   I was ever so impressed. 

We formed a tag team as I worked to remove some gunk off the backs and then he took over to remove the remainder until those tiles ended up looking practically new.

But I'm still faced with the dilemma of having fewer tiles now than originally were on the wall.  Thank you Mr. plumber man!!!  Grrrr   And so far, no fabulous design has come to mind. 

Mom gave me a bunch of fabric yesterday that she found in one of her storage areas.  They were mighty dusty so I decided to wash them.  All but one fabric turned out fine.  The upholstery remnant, which I really didn't like anyway, frayed so badly that I tossed it directly from the dryer into the trash. 

It seems I need to come up with some sewing projects to add to my growing to-do list. 

I received an email today from my volunteer "boss".  She has another typing project for me and will forward the scanned handwritten notes. 

Life is full and life is good. 

Nothing like staying busy.

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