Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beached On My Birthday

We've had a terrific day.  And it's my Big Geezer BIRTHDAY!! 

We started the day with a walk around Historic Wilmington Waterfront.  Then we took a carriage ride up and down the lovely roads of the historic area.  The driver was full of dry humor and made the history and the town come alive.  When we finished that ride, we did some shopping in several converted wharf stores.  I was hoping to find a pillow or two (nautical theme) but so far can't find one in my colors or that I like.  Might have to make a couple when I get home.  Not hard, but thought it would be nice to find them here as a remembrance of our wonderful week.

We ate at a nice restaurant on the wharf (Bridge Tender)overlooking the water  and I had crunchy coconut battered shrimp.  Yummy.  They found out it was my birthday and I was surprised with a wonderful piece of key lime pie which I shared with Sweetz. 

Then we headed to Wrightsville Beach and walked for a hundred miles along the water's edge.  It was the neatest thing to watch a bunch of guys having a ball wind surfing.  A bit more active than I would want to try at my "now advanced age" but it was exciting to watch them literally ride those waves, fly through the sky - even turning in circles while in midair and having such fun. 

Our next adventure was a walk through the trails of the gorgeous 67 acres of Airlie Gardens.  They have statues, glass house, wildlife, butterfly garden, spring garden, nature trails around the lake, chapel in the woods, camellia garden, HUGE Airlie tree, sculptures, moss dripping from trees, and flowers, flowers, flowers, etc.

We stopped at a public beach access while riding around and did another hundred miles of walking.  I know I won't need to be rocked to sleep tonight.  And I'm positive I lost a hundred pounds today and that's after I emptied the sand out of my shoes!

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