Saturday, July 2, 2011

City Streets

Mom and I each had a scoop of homemade chicken salad for lunch at a little diner.  It was delicious and I ate most of it, drank water.  We went to a department store nearby since mom was wanting a new pair of black slacks.  She actually found two and bought both and also saw a purse she liked and picked that out too. 

I got Sweetz two new dress shirts with coordinating ties.  I found a blouse for myself - didn't try it on, sure hope it fits.  I need to wash all of these things because they've been shipped from overseas and sure wouldn't want to have some creepy crawlies like bed bugs on them.  Sweetz' suit probably need cleaning but because of the holiday weekend, I don't think there's time to get it done now before we leave town.  Should have thought of that earlier this week, but we didn't, so we're working on plan B - which is another suit which might be a better choice anyway.

We are having some hot hot hot weather here today.  No rain either, so things are really drying out fast.  Sweetz picked a few things from our garden - including a nice ripe tomato and a big green pepper.  


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