Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer in a Jar

Our small backyard garden has been producing a bit more than we can eat per day. So, this morning I canned a few jars each of beans and tomatoes. They will be delicious this winter.

I'm not in a great mood today - had some disappointing news at the attorney's office regarding some personal affairs - plus he gave me some more "homework".   And I want to get everything settled so I can sleep at night. But it does seem that worries are in front of our face all the time - so I should get used to it.  So much easier to be young and free of worries.  My dad is dead so can't help me with advice but if he was alive, I would have already sat at his side for hours asking him about this type of concern.  He was such a smart man and I always trusted him to give me the best advice. But I am on my own now - at least there are trustworthy attorneys in our town which I can lean on. For a fee.     

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