Monday, July 4, 2011

A Better Place

I need to be getting myself together by now.  It's happening but not as quickly as I wanted.  Guess I shouldn't be disappointed in my progress - since each incident in our lives generates a different reaction.  It will come.  I will have lots of memories to warm my heart over the next few years.  

Spent some time with mom yesterday and we had some good cries. 

The birds are up and chirping this morning, checking out the yard for bugs, worms, and seeds.  I must do the same - well, not like their meal planning, but going on with life.  

The funeral and burial will be Wednesday and that will be difficult.  Life will be more difficult but I want to focus on the good times.  My brother's wife and son will have it harder - so much to do, many decisions to make, empty places in their hearts and lives.  They've promised to stay in close contact and that will warm my heart. 

Bye bro - I love you.

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