Monday, July 25, 2011

The Present and Past

When the time changed this past spring, I changed the hour on Sweetz' digital watch.  Thankfully, he keeps the little instructional book that came with the watch, because every six months I have to change the hour and I'm sure to forget the steps if left to my own devices.  Wellll, I must admit...I obviously entered an alarm the last time I changed the hour.  So, every single day the alarm goes off at 2pm and continues to alarm every 5 minutes for maybe an hour!  I feel like throwing the watch off a cliff, but he gives me "that look" and I don't.  He's a bit hard of hearing so the alarm doesn't bother him!  So, today was the day that my patience ran out.  He got the book for me and I sat on the front porch and I THINK I eliminated the alarm and with it the seemingly unending snooze reminder alarms. We'll see tomorrow at 2pm if it is silent.  Sure hope so, because if not, that dumb watch is going in the trash!  Well, it will if I think I can get by with it! 

Today I got a couple of calls from my SIL.  She's staying busy with paperwork and required trips to the SS office, the bank, my brother's place of work, the funeral home, the lawyer's office, post office, copy machines, etc.  She's mailing me a packet of "legal" stuff.  Yikes, wonder what surprises are in store for me.  She gave me no hints so hope the contents won't cause me to require a prescription.

I spent a long time this afternoon going through some digital photos taken during my brother's funeral.  I hadn't been able to look at them since the funeral but I got the nerve to upload them to an online photo site and ordered two sets.  Mom wants her own set.  They should arrive in the mail in a few days so in the meantime, I need to buy an album so I can get them organized and stored.  My SIL's brother took some pictures also and emailed them to me so I ordered all of his photos along with mine which pretty much covers all the events.  Still seems like a dream that I will wake up from but I know that won't happen.  But I'm doing much better now.  

Today I did a bit of cleaning in the house, not enough, but will have to do for awhile.  We have clean sheets on the bed and clean floors.  It rained today and although there wasn't much accumulation,  the temperatures remained in a bearable range.  I've had the munchies today and really wish I had stayed out of the Fritos.  Way too much salt, but they sure were tasty going down. It would have been healthier to have eaten a fresh peach, but that wasn't what I wanted and the salties won this time.  Gotta do better tomorrow!   

Last night at church we had a special vocalist sing.  He had a nice voice and could really dip down LOW to reach those deep bass notes.  After the service, we enjoyed an ice cream social in the fellowship hall.  The ice cream freezers were lined up on the left and also in the background of this picture. Yummmm, real tasty.    

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