Friday, July 29, 2011

Down The Road

MainMan and I headed down the road today - wanted to make an exchange so used the opportunity as a reason to get out and about to enjoy the day - not the heat - but the rest of it.  With the temps expected to rise to upper 90s, we decided to head out early.  We packed two cold drinks in a cooler and pulled out of the driveway while the weather was still on the mild side.   

Two stops included CampingWorld

and a bistro brunch

10:00 pm
My porch tomato plant has 5 tomatoes all ripening at the same time!  Now, if I can keep the birds or other varmints out of them, we'll get to eat the beauties.  This was an extra plant that we started from a seed and ran out of room to plant them in the garden. I hated to chunk it, so I planted it on the porch.  And I've been super pleased with how well it's done.  The other extra plants found homes in the flower beds but haven't done quite this well.  Sweetz picked the reddest one this afternoon so now I'm watching the other four turn red practically before my eyes. Perfect little globes.

Sweetz informed me that he wasn't hungry, so I fixed myself a plate of fresh veggies.  EVER so good!

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