Sunday, July 31, 2011

Christening of a Rain Barrel

It's been a nice day.  Spent some time at church, with friends, with family, with the internet, walking, talking, and praying. 

We had 1/3in of rain this afternoon, so Sweetz and I headed out to check out our new baby...the rain barrel.  Guess she deserves a name. Ummm, will have to think on that.  Well, she collected some water from the back side of the roof - enough that the barrel was heavy and I could barely rock it, but I could hear the swoosh, swoosh sounds the water made rocking back and forth.  Wonder how much will go in there with...say, 4 inches of rain?  Well, probably don't need to be wasting time contemplating that since we probably won't get that much rain.  Too dry around these parts and around alot of America too. 

I cleaned out the veggies from the fridge this afternoon.  Some old gummy cukes and dried up peppers had to go.  But in their place, a clean fridge drawer filled up quickly with the daily pickings.  I haven't wasted much this year, so I don't feel too bad with what I had to throw in the compost pile.  I canned tomatoes yesterday and they are lovely, not sure there's anything any prettier than a quart jar of red ripe tomatoes.  On the way to meet some friends for lunch, we passed a sign at a home garden that announced tomatoes were $1/lb.  That beats the $2/lb I've seen at the market.  Sweetz suggested we buy some tomatoes and can them.  Ummm, well, I'll have to think about that.  PAY for tomatoes???  Gracious!! 

We got our first cantaloupe today, doesn't look beautiful, but hopefully it is proves more delicious than its outward appearance. 

Sure have been bitten bad by the travel bug.  Sure would like to get away on a short trip, see something different. And reading travel blogs and scanning tour catalogs isn't satisfying the go-go hankering.  As I see it, there are two curves to get around:  one is Sweetz and his love to stay home and the other is Sweetz and his love of his garden.  Oh dear, hubby is the problem!!!  I could trade him but would probably get one I'd have to train from square one.  Nope, I must work on straightening out one of those curves...  

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